World of Women NFTs, What You Need to Know.

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The most popular NFT about women is the World of Women collection: a set of 10,000 unique pieces, showcasing the beauty of women everywhere.

What is World of Women NFT?

World of Woman NFT #8464
Woman #8464

World of Women is a first-of-its-kind collection that encourages inclusivity and diversity in the NFT space. It’s a unique collection that is all about one thing: women. It shows different women from various backgrounds, all in strong, independent poses.

WoW is made of 25 distinct hairstyles worn by women of up to 14 skin tones. The first collection, released on the 27th of July, has already gathered 195 million in trading volume at the time of writing. If you wanted to get a WoW NFT right now, you would have to pay at least 6.84 ETH (20,000 USD)!.

A number of notable female celebrities have acquired a WoW piece, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Shonda Rhimes and Eva Longoria Boston.

Is there a second World of Women collection?

Absolutely! Starting last year, the World of Women creators teased a second collection, saying it will be released this year.

World of Women Galaxy, the second collection, has more than twice everything its predecessors had, except price. WoW, Galaxy is made up of 21,000 distinctive feminine PFPs, with 11,100 holders.

On the official OpenSea ranking page, it occupies a place in the top 40. WoW Galaxy is more fierce and more cosmic-themed than the first, using more hues and more futuristic designs than the first.

According to the official website, the recent collection is focused on what will be. “With our second collection – WoW Galaxy – we are taking WoW to the next level. WoW Galaxy portrays women as they discover and create a new world, and adapt to the future coming at them in full force.”

The vibrant art of both collections was done by Yam Karkai, a digital artist who seeks to use her art to encourage representation in the NFT space.

Contrary to popular belief, WoW was not her first NFT collection. She launched a collection before that, called Women by Yam, which has gathered popularity on OpenSea.

Do WoW holders have any benefits?

Asides from holding the most popular female NFT collection to date, WoW owners enjoy other perks. For example, a WoW holder gets sole access to a 4 x 4 file of their NFTs. Holders also enjoy NFT airdrops from artists handpicked by the WoW team

Additionally, holders get exclusive invites to WoW events like galas. Anyone who has a WoW can also get pre-sales and mint passes for upcoming NFT collections, checked by the WoW’s DAO, DAWoW.

The World of Women collection sought to change the world, by including more females in the art and NFT space. And quite frankly, it has done just that. In fact, it has encouraged the rise of more female-focused NFT projects and hopefully, women will occupy more than just 5% of NFT artists.


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