SOLgods NFT creator to release next collection

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SOLgods NFT collection creator, The Fracture, will release “The Bridged” on the 12th of May.

Of the entire supply, about 250 will be available for sale at the mint price.

The bridged is the next faction in the Fracture’s NFT theme of a dark and post-apocalyptic future.

The Fracture is self-described as the “creative entity and parent brand of the project”. In late October 2021, the project launched its genesis collection “SOLgods” with the intention of bringing high-quality pfp’s to the NFT space. The Fracture’s Strategy document reiterates its commitment to growing an organic community and rewarding holders.

In the Fractures trio of post-apocalyptic themed NFTs, three factions are battling each other for resources and survival.


SOLGods 4171

The legacy collection within the Fracture, SOLgods, is inspired by metaphysical artist Giorgio de Chirico. Currently, the collection has a floor price of 65SOL with over 94.8K volume traded on OpenSea. It consists of 6666 items with different attributes contributing to a piece’s rarity.

Some unique attributes include the Vest black torso, scarecrow face, tophat on the head and Cigar.

The Bridged

The Bridged
The bridged

In an almost too relatable fantastical theme, the Bridged collection describes a people obsessed with technological advancements. They become so obsessed “that they leave much of their biology and humanity behind.” “Now they are at war with the Gods.” The Bridged is the second faction within the Fracture, coming before “the Forgotten.”

Following the mint, the team will partner with OpenSea to release a limited part of the collection as an excusive drop.

A rebrand; what’s next after SOLgods?

According to the flowpaper, there will be a social media rebrand as the team moves closer to the bridged collection release. The team will move from being identified as “SOLgods” to “The fracture.” Holders will also be able to stake their SOLGods and Omnium NFTs in order to earn $GOD tokens. The Bridged collection release will also allow for new features; users will be able to send their NTFs on missions.

Early holder benefits will come from users spending $GOD on building barracks and Bridged missions. The Fracture’s competitive play-to-earn game is also in the works.

It will be based on the collections theme, and include tradeable game assets as well as a marketplace.

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