LegendDAO: Secret Network’s Play-to-Mint NFT Platform

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Secret Network’s NFT platform LegendDAO launched in February to make NFT drops more fun.

American director Kevin Smith, set to launch the first-ever NFT-film on LegendDAO.

Secret Network users can decide who they share their data with, thanks to a unique feature on the website called “viewing keys”.

What is LegendDAO?

LegendDAO Cryptid

Secret Network is known for being a blockchain that’s big on privacy. But what most people do not know is that the network recently launched a unique NFT platform: LegendDAO.

LegendDAO is essentially a play-to-mint NFT platform geared towards making NFT drops fun. How so? Users interested in participating in an NFT drop can play their way to get a chance to mint, as opposed to having Whitelist tokens or needing a particular amount of crypto to mint.

The new platform runs on the Secret Network blockchain. However, users will still need to buy “Loot boxes.” These boxes would include an NFT plus any other digital items the creators want to incorporate, like access passes and digital memorabilia.

“Top artists, brands, and even first-time NFT creators — can enter the space and build something special using Secret NFT technology,” says Secret Labs CEO Guy Zyskind.

Here is the exciting part: No one, absolutely no one, can see the content of the boxes if the owner doesn’t want to share. It means your NFTs are private to you for as long as you wish (the network isn’t called Secret for nothing, you know).

$LGND is the only means of payment accepted in the LegendDAO universe, even though Secret Network has its own token called $SCRT listed on a number of exchanges.

LegendDAO to host launch of First NFT-film

Within three months of launch, LegendDAO stays positioned to accomplish a feat: launching 5,555 generative NFTs of Kevin Smith’s latest horror film, KillRoy Was Here.

Kevin Smith officially confirmed the drop on April 6 via this tweet, where he hinted that collectors could help to make a sequel to the horror-comedy film.

Buyers of the NFT collection will enjoy several perks. First off, they are the only ones who can access the movie. Next, holders can get creative with their NFTs by doing this, like deciding to make it into their own film or cartoon.

Secret Network and privacy

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Secret Network is its dedication to privacy, especially regarding smart contracts.

The network focuses on going a step further with these smart contracts by encrypting them so that they do not release sensitive information on the blockchain and to the public.

It’s also interoperable, meaning assets on other networks can simply be moved to the Secret blockchain at any time through “Secret Bridges.”

Will the Secret Network finally be the solution to the problem of data stealing in the coming years? While it promises to be, there is still a lot left on the table regarding data monopoly, and privacy.

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