Kevin Smith to launch “KillRoy was here” first-ever Film minted as NFT

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Kevin Smith will release access to “KillRoy Was Here” through a 5,555 generative art NFT collection.

The movie release will use Secret Network’s exclusive data-privacy technology, via LegendDAO.

Other popular NFTs launched on the LegendDAO minting platform include Popular filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction NFT.

The Secret Network team announced the history-making NFT collection launch via a blog post. The launch will involve collaboration amongst LegendDAO and popular entertainment industry-focused NFT platforms, SEMKHOR and Curio.

The NFT collection will provide access to view the movie itself, behind-the-scenes footage as well as a commentary track. According to Secret Network’s exclusive style, only the NFT buyers will have access to the features listed above. “KillRoy was here” collectors will possess these rights through the use of NFT crypto keys.

In addition, they will also enjoy exclusive film content and exclusive ownership of a one-of-a-kind KillRoy art. The NFT collection will launch on the LegendDAO platform during the second quarter of the year.

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith twitter picture
Kevin Smith

An American filmmaker and overall jack of all trades, Kevin Smith rose to prominence with the buddy comedy film, Clerks (1994). However, his new movie will remain historical for more reasons than its NFT film style release. With the NFT collection, collectors will get to contribute to the direction of the movie sequel.

According to Smith, “the bulk of the sequel anthology will consist of shorts and animations created by KillRoy NFT owners.”

Why celebrities’ prefer Secret Networks “LegendDAO”

The Secret Network Blockchain achieves its privacy functionality by combining essential aspects of Ethereum and Monero Blockchains. “Secret contracts” on Secret Network are privacy-focused smart contracts. This unique attribute of the secret Network Blockchain facilitates features like secret tokens, bridges, DeFi, and NFTs.

Hence, the Secret Network’s default data privacy for smart contracts makes it suitable for these kinds of exclusive NFT drops. Only NFT owners will have the keys to decrypt these contents. They may then choose to share them. Also, creators within the entertainment industry do not have to deal with piracy and profit losses associated with traditional film releases.

On February, 22nd, 2022, the Secret Network team announced the launch of LegendDAO, its play-to-mint NFT platform. LegendDAO is notable for its secret NFTs along with the gamified experience it provides to users. $LGND backs the LegendDAO ecosystem, users can create their own avatars and gain experience.

Users may also purchase “loot boxes” which will grant access to NFTs and digital items from their favorite creators. Since LegendDAO’s inception, the “KillRoy was here” collection is the next big drop after Quentin Tarantino’s secret NFT’s sale.

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