Jeff Koons to make “to the moon” literal with NFT Moon Phases project

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Veteran American artist Jeff Koons announces his first NFT project Moon Phases

The Rabbit and Balloon Sculptor announces new project via one-minute twitter clip

Pace Verso has confirmed that the one-of-a-kind collection will involve sending a group of sculptures to the moon

Since his emergence in the 80s, Jeff has risen to become one of the most celebrated artists in the world. He is uniquely famous as one of the most controversial and influential living artist. Koons influence continues to resonate well beyond the confines of the art industry.

‘I can see my whole history as an artist, I can look at this project, and I can see the ideas from the very beginning. Now, it’s becoming universal, it’s even being outside the realm of the global.’

In the short video, the 67-year-old icon shares the inspiration behind the Moon Phases project and how the NFT collection will literally go ‘to the moon’. Jeff explains that the Moon Phases project draws inspiration from space exploration and how it is a manifestation of our ability to transcend our worldly constraints.

To celebrate the past and future of human achievements, a crux which aligns with the ethos of this collection, Koons plans to launch a group of sculptures to the moon. The sculptures will be launched via an Intuitive Machines Lunar Lander.

Koons NFT collection rooted in Philosophy

The talented artist who released his book ‘Lost in America in November last year emphasized that the Moon Phases NFT collection has very deep philosophical roots and is not generic like most NFTs on the market today. 

He shares that he has always wanted to create a body of artwork about everyone and their aspirations to have a more fulfilling life. To touch on what it means to be a human being and how we can have a richer, vaster life.

Jeff Koons

Koons, Jeff. Balloon Venus Lespugue (Red)
Koons, Jeff. Balloon Venus Lespugue (Red), 2013–2019
[Red version completed May 2020]
Mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating
105 1/16 x 48 13/16 x 41 3/16 inches
266.9 x 124.1 x 104.7 cm

David Zwirner,

Rabbit is his most expensive and popular project so far. He built the three identical stainless-steel rabbits sculpture back in 1986. Steven Cohen bought one of the three sculptures for 91.1 million dollars at a Christie’s auction back in 2019.

Jeff’s balloon dogs are also very popular and expensive. He built the five dogs in 1994. The dogs are part of a series that symbolizes celebration, and they come in five colors: red, blue, orange, magenta, and yellow.

In 2013, an unknown telephone buyer bought the orange balloon dog from publishing magnate Peter Brant for 58.4 million dollars.

Jeff is a globally celebrated icon, with his artwork on display at all of the top galleries in the world. He is one of the most celebrated artists today because of his unique ability to create masterpieces. Koons upcoming Moon Phases NFT collection is one to keep a watchful eye on. Stay informed with the Moon Phases website!

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