Coinbase NFT Marketplace, beta is officially live

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Coinbase NFT beta testers at waitlist-top can now enjoy full-access experience.

Users will be able to access the beta version of the marketplace using any self-custody wallet.

According to the announcement, there will be no Coinbase transaction fees until later.

Coinbase NFT is now in beta! This is the most recent development since the teams announcement last year. Described as a WEB3 social marketplace for NFT’s, the platform will expand on the typical buying and selling that goes on in a regular NFT marketplace.

The team intends to build a more social and interactive platform. As a user you will be able to, “follow other profiles, post comments specific to an NFT and even give reactions by upvoting or downvoting other comments! Coinbase’s marketplace is looking to achieve three things; empower people to create, collect and connect.

Coinbase NFT Features

Image by Amber Vittoria

The marketplace is currently open to beta testers selected from the top of the waitlist. Eventually, everyone will get access to trade and create their own profiles too! Summarily, key features of the marketplace include, the profile, community, easy trade and discover NFTs features.

Users can create their profiles and curate NFTs that match their profiles, adding to their NFT journey. By connecting via any self-custody wallet, users can also choose specific NFTs to highlight or hide in their profiles.

To further emphasize on the “social” part of it, Coinbase NFT marketplace capitalizes on the importance of NFT communities. Users will be able to interact socially by following profiles they like and by starting conversations too.

The discover feed, will provide NFT traders with personalized NFT recommendations. This time saving feature will also improve based on a users interactions with the marketplace.

Coinbase to support more decentralized solutions

The team plans to add more features to improve on its envisioned Web3 social marketplace. In the coming weeks and months, users will be able to buy NFTs via their Coinbase accounts or through their credit cards. Other upcoming features include drops, minting, token-gated communities and support for multiple chains.

What’s more? By moving from Coinbase tech to decentralized solutions, Coinbase also plans to decentralize more features over time!

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