Bored & Hungry? NFT Meets Food in This American Restaurant

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Bored and Hungry is a disruptive NFT-themed restaurant that aims to incorporate NFTs into food as much as possible.

There is no doubt that NFTs are going mainstream. They have gone into art, finance, sports, and now food.

Bored and Hungry, an NFT-themed restaurant in Long Beach, CA, is making a rather interesting fusion of NFT, food, and pop culture.

What does the Bored and Hungry restaurant serve?

Bored & Hungry Restaurant
Bored & Hungry

Basically, you can get fries, beef and veggie smash burgers, and a couple of drinks to go with your meals. The restaurant is open from Sunday to Thursday (11 am-8 pm). Starting from Friday, it also runs extra hours at night on weekends,

The menu is in two categories; the ‘Boring Menu’ and the ‘Mutant Feeding’ menu. Burgers on the Boring menu go for $13-$15, while fries go for $3.50. On the other hand, burgers on the Mutant Feeding menu, which happens to be the vegetarian section, start at $15.50.

Apart from food, you could also purchase a Bored and Hungry tee in black or white or a Bored and Hungry hat for $30.

Although the California-based restaurant runs a cashless policy, it accepts either a debit or credit card and, of course, crypto. While you can’t pay in BTC at the moment, you can pay in either $ETH or $APE.

Why an NFT-themed restaurant?

Why would anyone want to open an NFT-themed restaurant? The answer almost always lies in the popularity of these digital art pieces. Andy Nguyen, the owner of the exciting restaurant, has a similar reason too. However, he opened the restaurant for another reason.

In March, Nguyen tweeted that the creation of the “Bored & Hungry project” centered on giving back to the WEB3 community as well as onboarding those wanting to learn more about the space.”

Bored and Hungry is not the first restaurant or food brand Nguyen owns, but it is the first NFT-themed one. He has a couple of restaurants like Matte Black Coffee, Afters Ice Cream, and Food Fighters, just to mention a few. Launched on April 9, the restaurant saw an overwhelming influx of customers on its first day. It had to even apologize for not getting to people on time due to long queues.

Are NFT restaurants the future?

These kinds of restaurants could explode in the future, encouraging more people to go into NFTs. There are already a budding number of NFT-themed restaurants. Welly’s Shiba-Inu-themed Fast-Food Restaurant, Lion’s Milk Coffeeshop in New York City, and Doge Burger, a dogecoin-themed restaurant in Dubai are few examples.

The popularity of Bored and Hungry might just cause the concept to blow up and lead to more significant crypto and NFT adoption. How? At the grand opening of Bored and Hungry, both Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape holders got freebies for just being holders!

More people might actually want to buy and keep their NFTs for something like this!

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