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Coinbase NFT Marketplace: Will It Pick Up Speed?

Coinbase NFT marketplace launched in late April for beta users and was not met with the initial hype it was given during its birthing...

MechaFightClub; Cock Fighting Game, Gathers Millions in Funding Capital

MechaFightClub creators, Irreverent Labs raised 40 million dollars in seed capital for its first collection called MechaFightClub. There are truly no limits in the NFT...

Starbucks NFT: Updates

Starbucks NFT might be the next big thing! The brand plans to launch its NFTs, bringing it closer to a younger, more crypto-savvy audience. The...

SOLgods NFT creator to release next collection

SOLgods NFT collection creator, The Fracture, will release "The Bridged" on the 12th of May. Of the entire supply, about 250 will be available...

Bored Ape Metaverse; Otherside by Yuga Labs

The Bored Ape Metaverse, Otherside is a virtual land collection from the same company that created BAYC. Otherdeeds are the keys used to access...